How to get value for money when booking children's entertainment

You will have more choice of acts if you avoid peak season bookings. For a children's party consider a mid-week two-hour after school party instead of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. You'll often get more take-up from guests too as many families have pre- arranged activities on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. An 11am to 1pm party at the weekends is also a great time. Booking a children's entertainer to run the whole two-hour party will save you a lot of time and energy in preparing and planning games, music, prizes etc. The fee is not twice the price of the entertainer for an hour, most have a special two-hour party package  which includes entertainment, music, games and even balloon models for all often with a short break for the birthday tea and candle ceremony giving you the second half to cut the cake up and put it in napkins to give the guests at the end.