Punch and Judy Performers

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Punch and Judy Performers
Punch and Judy Performers
Punch and Judy Performers
Punch and Judy Performers

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"Oh yes it is!" A traditional Punch and Judy show performed by one of our brilliant Punch Professors provides Great interactive popular entertainment for children and grown-ups. Adults will enjoy watching the children's reactions and remember watching Mr Punch from their childhood. Punch and Judy has been part of British culture since the 17th century and it's associated with seaside and summer fetes though Punch is not just for the Summer and can be enjoyed all year round. Who couldn't recognise the gaudy coloured booth and Mr Punch's distinctive voice at an event "That's the way to do it!"

Watch out for the Crocodile!

Punch and Judy puppet show, great fun, great entertainment

Perfect for fetes, school shows, seaside themed events, festivals and fun days, galas and carnivals,

For schools following a seaside entertainment theme we have Punch and Judy demonstrations and workshops.

Check out Michael Diamond, Professor Dan  and Billy Biscuits Punch & Judy Shows.

Suitable for...

  • Seaside themed events
  • Festivals
  • Fun Days
  • Fetes
  • Galas
  • Schools

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