Cowgirl Stilt Walkers

Howdy pardners!! Highly visual and fun, great for Meet and Greet, Mix and Mingle
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Cowgirl Stilt Walkers

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Cowgirl Stiltwalkers -Howdy partners! Ya hoo!! Highly visual and fun, our cowgirl stilt walkers are great fun for all events, especially western themed events, for Meet and Greet, Mix and Mingle events. Outdoor events, Street Theatre, wild west themed events, weddings, parties store openings and promotions. Colourful and eye catching in costume and in personality as they interact with the crowds.

It's the perfect photo opportunity - everyone wants their picture taken with the stilt walkers.

Suitable for...

  • Parties
  • walk around
  • street entertainment
  • corporate events
  • meet and greet
  • western theme events

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